Accessibility Dashboard for WeTransfer

Senior UX Designer

The Challenge

Create a dashboard that provides all relevant statuses of accessibility within WeTransfer. This would first be an internal dashboard to help champion tasks that must be completed for WeTransfer to be accessible. 


I began by looking at data visualisation and other conventional dashboards. With a focus on sports leaderboard dashboards to give inspiration on how we can show healthy competition of the digital assets.

I looked into: Colour psychology, scale and proportion, capability to be continuously updated with time and date and connecting issues.

The second part of the research I looked at other organisations and their campaigns within accessibility: The strapline, the overall messaging and tone of voice, impact consequences (positive and negative) and typography.


The more we delved into the project the more we understood that this should be more of a campaign than just a dashboard. We had 5 minutes to present the importance of the accessibility status to stakeholders, we broke the information into sections, the most impactful at the top, getting into the detail as you go down. 

Creating what the client asked for

Designing a campaign rather than a dashboard was a bit outside of the box, so I needed to show the client what they thought they wanted. In hope they would understand there could be a better way to grab the attention of stakeholders and include all the information for staff doing the admin.  A dashboard can show a lot of information but only at a very high level, we needed to include to-do lists, accountability members, notes and more.

The outcome

Throughout this project, we had many successful workshops with the client, refining what type of content needed to be displayed and where.

The client agreed that the campaign was a more suitable approach to grab the attention of time-deprived stakeholders, they still loved some of the tables from the dashboard, so we included some on the final designs, along with some states, and the many different areas of accessibility.

As the company have many products we made the design interactive, so you can switch between the different products.


I generally had so much fun during this project! Of course, working with the WeTransfer design system was an absolute blast, but everything else about this project was so fabulous, from researching, brainstorming, running workshops, designing, and presenting the work I couldn’t fault it.

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