Homeopathy App

The Challenge

To design a mobile application that provides all the different Home Remedies of Homeopathy. The App allows anyone to use natural medicine without a prescription for themselves and their families.

Research and Sketching

The apps on the market are basic, with limited functionality. The user experience is clunky and the information is not easily accessible. The diagrams are outdated, font is too small and generally not designed for modern mobiles.


The first thought when sketching was to have an A-Z bar that the user can scroll the finger along to come up with the necessary results. As this is a large directory with a lot of different remedies this would help the user who may remember the first letter of the remedy but not the whole name. The A-Z bar might need to be horizontal worth a try.

How Might We?

How Might We statements help to formulate a plan for answering the user’s needs.


How might we help first-time Homeopathy users to learn about first aid remedies?


How might we create a simple and clear way for the user to look up symptoms and see what remedies will work for them?


How might we help users learn more about Homeopathy, and join courses and communities?


User Flows

The user must register first time using the app with an email and password. They also get to add in their preferences for using Homeopathy.

The Search-bar is going to be the most important component of the app. It will be on most pages with a sliding keyboard and suggested options that show when the user is typing. This has replaced the A-Z bar.

During this phase as I also saw an opportunity for an up-sell of the courses. On each remedy page, after the information, there can showcase different online courses that include the remedy.


To help get an overview of how all the different elements of the app connect together. 

Sitemaps are extremely helpful for me to see it as a whole, I will look at this daily whilst in the low-fidelity and high-fidelity processes. 

The sitemap always changes as the flows and pain points become more clear.




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